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2023-04-14 14:43

Hotel furniture can not be chosen at random, otherwise it will affect the image of the hotel, the face of a variety of different forms of hotel furniture, we need to make clear the design style of hotel furniture, only choose and hotel style to match the hotel furniture can be decorated for the hotel style to add flowers.

In order to ensure the unity of the hotel furniture style and supporting, more professional hotel design companies to do hotel furniture configuration, will be matched with a good hotel design programme to the corresponding furniture company bidding production.



Hotel furniture as one of the carriers of the hotel design style, is to reflect the different cultural characteristics of the differences and provide different functionality of the main elements. Such as the United Star such modelling professional hotel furniture manufacturers will focus on creating a unique hotel cultural atmosphere to customers, from the most subtle embodiment of the thoughtfulness of people, hotel furniture and the hotel's indoor environment as one, complement each other. There are many types of hotel furniture, but whether from the point of view of the guests or from the point of view of the hotel party, the guest room is the most important place to change. The eight styles of hotel furniture are: first to the avant-garde, modern minimalist, Elegantism, new Chinese, neo-classical, European classical, American ruralism and Mediterranean style hotel furniture.



Each design style corresponds to different lifestyles at the same time: avant-garde corresponds to alternative, modern minimalism corresponds to fashion, Elegantism corresponds to elegance, Neo-Chinese corresponds to nostalgia, neo-classical corresponds to nobility, European classical corresponds to magnificence, American rustic corresponds to leisure, and Mediterranean corresponds to romance.


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