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Hotel furniture is a hotel project, hotel project design and indoor environment when the matching design, need to directly consider the indoor function and environmental harmony, in addition, according to the star requirements of different standards, different style requirements and different, hotel furniture generally include hotel guest room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public area hotel furniture, conference hotel furniture and so on.

Hotel room hotel furniture is divided into standard suite hotel furniture, business suite hotel furniture, presidential suite hotel furniture, here focus on discussing the hotel furniture in the proportion of heavier hotel room hotel furniture.

Generally speaking, the functional requirements of the hotel room hotel furniture and hotel furniture composition is basically similar, relatively speaking, generally composed of the following hotel furniture: hotel set of beds, dressers, bedside tables, luggage cabinets, TV cabinets, lounge chairs, table tops, such as the composition of a few. Wardrobe is generally completed by the decoration company on-site construction.


Advantages of customised hotel furniture

Meet different individual needs

In the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture enterprises are often based on simple market research, follow the trend of today's hotel furniture R & D production of hotel furniture. But this mode of production out of the hotel furniture is either the inch does not meet the requirements, or the style can not meet personal preferences. Customised marketing market segmentation to the individual, according to the individual requirements of the design of hotel furniture, the consumer is one of the designers of hotel furniture. According to personal preference to put forward some specific requirements, such as colour matching, personalized specifications and so on.


Reduce inventory backlog

In the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture enterprises in order to pursue greater profits, through mass production to reduce product costs, once the market suffered a little unpredictable, this mass production of hotel furniture due to the same inevitably lead to stagnation or backlog, resulting in a waste of resources. Customised marketing is based on consumer order production, almost no inventory, accelerated capital turnover.

Reduce marketing costs

In the traditional marketing model, hotel furniture enterprises in order to capture the market, often through advertising, building shops to promote business and other ways to promote sales, and thus higher costs. Customised marketing as long as the quality of hotel furniture is reliable, reasonable price, hotel furniture can be successfully sold out. In the custom marketing manufacturers directly to consumers to reduce the sales link, but also reduce a variety of expenses.


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