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2023-04-14 14:43

  Guangdong hotel furniture custom manufacturers introduce five-star hotel furniture purchase method implementation rules

  Accompanied by the development of society, the trend of iterative updating alternation, whether in the hotel restaurant or catering industry, should also follow the trend of the times trend development, the furniture to the trend of the trend of the trend of the development of the trend of the set.

  Modern city life is busy and anxious, every holiday is a good day to travel and holiday. Relax everyone's anxiety Nerves, enjoy the beauty of life, and nature refreshing. Travelling must be hotel accommodation, exactly how the hotel furniture is considered to be we talk about between the physical and mental health and environmental protection, and our daily life as natural and healthy it. Today I would like to introduce to you in the selection of hotel furniture, most people value is usually the appearance of five-star hotel furniture style, but on how to identify the quality of but very little, professionals reminded that we have to identify the quality of the furniture from a lot of subtleties to the quality of the good and bad.

  Test the dryness of wood

  The moisture content becomes high, the wood will be easy to rise and shrink, deformation, in general, the furniture of the moisture content can not exceed 12%. Users in the purchase of hotel furniture, generally not built-in

  Test equipment, so you can use the hand to feel the way, take the hand to feel the bottom edge of the hotel furniture or unpainted area, if you feel the moisture, then the moisture content of the wood at least 50% above, not suitable for purchase.

  There is a way to wood is not painted sprinkled with a little water, if the absorption efficiency is slow or simply do not absorb, indicating that the water content of wood is high. Once found that man-made panels have deformation, the edge of the surge and the middle of the concave situation, it proves that the water absorption of wood is too high.

  Investigate the raw materials of hotel furniture

  Hotel furniture surface materials generally require the use of hardwood raw materials, such as ash, larch, etc., this wood is more solid, can carry heavy loads, and inside the material can be considered with other materials; wardrobe leg thickness needs to be done to 2.5cm, over-thickness also appears to be stupid, thin is very easy to bend; dining room kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not be used with plywood, but generally with plywood, due to the plywood absorbent Hydroelectric power generation is strong, in the event of water will rise, destroyed; dining room tables must be resistant to water washing.

  Once found that the wood has insect moths, drop foam condition, it proves that the wood drying is not in place, that furniture don't buy, because the insect moth will be the greater. After checking the surface, you should also open the door of the home furniture box and drawer doors, to see whether the inner material has rotting conditions. Can use fingernail pinch a pinch, can easily pinch in after indicating that the inner material has long been rotten. After opening the hotel furniture box door with the nose to smell, if there is a nose, shaking eyes, tears, indicating that the formaldehyde concentration in the adhesive is too high, will seriously affect your health.

  Construction is not solid

  In the selection of tables and chairs, chairs, clothing racks and other large pieces of furniture can be dragged on the plastic ground, gently drop a fall, if the sound is crisp, indicating that the furniture quality is good; if the sound is dumb, there is a splitting sound, indicating that the fusion of push planing is not strict, the construction is not stable. For desks, dining tables and other furniture with a hand shake a little to see if it is stable. Relative to the fabric sofa, sit down, up and down a shake, inactivity, not soft, no sound, indicating that the push planer construction is more solid.

  Guangdong hotel furniture custom manufacturers today explained here, thank you for watching, custom hotel furniture remember to consult our Guangdong hotel furniture custom manufacturers.


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