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2023-04-14 14:43

  Guangdong five-star hotel furniture manufacturers introduce five-star hotel furniture customisation process

  In the design of furniture, we must first understand is the size of the space and irregular position in the non-compliance, just like I often encounter irregular walls when installing furniture, especially those walls are not vertical position. But the benefit of furniture customisation is that we can design and produce based on the space planning of all the house, so that we can flexibly use the more limited space to enhance the rate of practicality.

  Five-star hotel furniture stipulates that the guest rooms are lavishly decorated with luxurious sponge cushion beds, desks, wardrobes and clothing racks, tea tables, sitting chairs, bedside tables, bedside table lamps, small table lamps, floor lamps, dressing mirrors, roof racks and other supporting furniture. In order to achieve the standard five-star hotel furniture are used to order. Next, I will introduce you to the five-star hotel furniture manufacturer custom process.

  Guangdong five-star hotel furniture manufacturers: five-star hotel furniture custom manufacturers custom process

  1、Hotel furniture design programme: to provide you with technical professional hotel furniture design programme you can come to the picture of customization.

  2、Hotel furniture programme selection: based on the complexity of hotel furniture.

  3, hotel furniture prototype to determine: by two parties to determine the hotel furniture prototype price and determine the length of time.

  4、Submit the order deposit: pay 30% deposit.

  5, mass production: hotel furniture project mass production.

  6、Punctual delivery: early production and manufacturing, in accordance with the agreed length of time to supply, pick up the goods after the payment of the balance.

  7、After-sales maintenance service: warm after-sales maintenance service makes you worry-free.

  8, the end of the hotel furniture project.

  Guangdong five-star hotel furniture manufacturers: five-star hotel furniture ordered to pay more attention to the inspection

  1, appearance check is intuitive, look at the surface of the paint layer is not smooth enough, if there is a drop and bubbles, then even if it is second-hand goods. Also need to see if there is bias colour, surface pattern whether there is chaos or inconsistency. There are also parts of the edge of the manufacturing process is not smooth.

  2, to check the furniture construction is not solid and effective. Once found that the sound of cooing and squeaking, or sitting up with shaking, it proves that the structure of the furniture is not strong enough, but also need to pay attention to the vertical angle of the furniture and warping degrees.

  3, to check the processing technology is not exquisite and effective. That is, the furniture seam handmade is not close and is not tamping, if there is too large a gap and loose situation, that furniture handmade belongs to the rough. Also have a look at the location of the handle in the appropriate, whether there is fall off loose, furniture in some draw, box door is not flexible and return to the right place and many other issues.

  4, one is the size of the size, whether there is a strict implementation of the provisions of the hotel furniture. Due to the five-star hotel furniture in addition to the need for aesthetics or functionality, can meet the customer's application, but also in line with the hotel room location, size and other factors. Therefore, the size of the hotel furniture check should also be strict.


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