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2023-04-14 14:43

  Guangdong five-star hotel furniture manufacturers introduce hotel furniture project acceptance of common problems

  1. Check the appearance

  If you want to check the quality of custom-made hotel furniture, first check the appearance. Check the simple method, usually check the surface of the paint layer is bright enough, whether there is a loss of light, bubbles and other quality hazards.

  2. Check the structure

  Check whether the structure of custom-made furniture is feasible, the outer frame is correct and whether it is strong, gently push with your hand. Once found that there is shaking or creaking sound, indicating that this type of custom hotel furniture construction is not firm, also need to carefully and carefully vertical angle of the furniture and the bottom of the expansion and contraction.

  3. Check the specifications

  For customised hotel furniture, customised furniture is not just a beautiful and generous decorative design, but also need to be economical and practical, in line with the public's user habits, whether the size is feasible.

  4. Inspection steps

  Customised furniture is not up to standard, lies in the level of quality. Can also be carried out according to the difference between the joints, to be able to check the furniture parts of the nodes on the degree of solidity. For the overall structure of the furniture, each node needs to be close, can not appear gap and loose. In the investigation of the processing technology, also need to check the drawer cabinet and box door is not flexible, can not properly back.

  Guangdong five-star hotel furniture manufacturers: contemporary hotel furniture design concepts and features

  First, application, comfort

  In the contemporary hotel furniture design, similar to the villa furniture design programme, furniture and a variety of human activities are closely associated, to reflect the "people-oriented" design concept, that is, for people, for people, this is the applicability, such as some of the hotel dining room desk design is beautiful and generous, but also able to posture dresser and then used, or for the Expression point of view, reflecting multifunctionality, for example, the hotel room cabinets can also be sliding door retractable, into a small bar. Consideration from the product process, but also need to show the texture and sense of direction, to a large extent to the indoor and outdoor living environment cross type and combination, the overall show harmony, spontaneous comfort, not let coy, depressing feeling, for example, in the same environment scientifically apply the stainless steel lattice partition, stainless steel screen partition, wall mirrors to improve the sense of three-dimensional.

  Second, expressive, decorative arts

  Furniture is to reflect the atmosphere in the room and express the effect of the important role of the characters, hotel furniture placed and arranged in a reasonable layout will also make people feel convenient and comfortable, but also can give people a kind of aesthetic senses, and some people compare the good modern furniture design as a raw egg, due to the raw egg no matter from which point of view is a general, that is, pure and rich in transformation, that is, simple and rich in artistic beauty, enjoyable and enjoyable mood. Contemporary hotel furniture most of the layout has long been considered from the minimalist design style, therefore, we have to see the hotel furniture colour collocation is more attention, which is also a more highlights of the decorative decoration, such as lighting design is one of the most important components of its lighting is mild and warm contemporary hotel lighting is mostly dominated by the scientific and reasonable lighting arrangement can 3D rendering hotel indoor space atmosphere, building warmth.



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