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2023-04-14 14:43

  Guangdong five-star hotel furniture manufacturers talk about a few elements of hotel furniture ordering and design programme

  1、Safety factor

  The safety factor is the key element of hotel furniture, although the general hotel does not specify the amount of formaldehyde dispersion indoor related regulations, but the furniture fire safety standards in the hotel this special site also seems particularly important, for example, a position of the hotel furniture can be used in fireproof panels, insulation paint, flame retardant cloth, some hotels and even the provisions of the production of furniture wood needs to be resolved by the safety of fire safety, there is a safety verification in this regard.

  2, appearance check

  Appearance check should be furniture cabinets countertops flat, decorative design novelty, smooth lines beautiful and generous, comfortable atmosphere of the basic requirements, for example, the general guest room furniture is generally applied to plywood, MDF, woodworking board, glass fibre board and so on different as the plate, the application of wood single board, three plywood as the clamping surface of raw materials. Different types of panels and folder surface raw materials and their material properties are not the same, negligence of the characteristics of the plastic and the rational use of methods, often also lead to parts of the rise and fall, and even deformation. The structural characteristics of the reverse side of the part and the forward side of the clamping surface material must be the same or similar, and the raw materials used in the same batch as far as possible. In the work shop processing to minimise the discharge and press time also, not the same material properties, not the same clamping surface of the raw material moisture content, pay attention to the different types of dispensing thickness, press time and pressure.

  3, the cost of raw materials

  Referring to the quality of furniture, the same to achieve the application of the provisions of the situation using low-cost raw materials, in the use of large pieces of raw materials at the same time to pay attention to the same small piece of raw material applications, scientifically enhance the efficiency of the use of materials, better cost savings, guest room furniture, the general total number of larger, more components, the use of electronic computers to efficiently feed the material, the block of material and the small piece of material face to face the use of exploitation and reduction of the cost of raw materials. Different structures need to pay attention to the cost of raw materials have to be compared, choose the best choice.

  4, structure characteristics

  Hotel furniture mostly mobile or combination type furniture, generally to the structure of the flat-plate type for the leading, using wood screws, hardware connectors and adhesives as a way to join and produce, in the use of information should pay attention to the performance of different types of materials, such as plywood, MDF wear-resistant properties of the degree of the weak, do not need to be frequently active or the need for strong wear-resistant parts such as hinges screws position, draw rail top rail screws Position, easy to loose caused by rattling. Another example is the guest room furniture in the back of the bed screen chair, frame wall hardware pendant position should be noted or with wood for firm, so that can be constructed from the characteristics of the hotel furniture can be relatively large to enhance the functionality, and even the safety factor, as consumers generally stay a short period of time, the performance of the surrounding facilities is not very well understood, therefore, the construction of the characteristics of the good and the bad can be indirectly reacted to the hotel furniture function of the Safety degree.

  Guangdong five-star hotel furniture manufacturers: hotel furniture ordering in addition to the above aspects, but also after the delivery, assembly, after-sales service maintenance and maintenance of a variety of factors, such as delivery, transmission and its assembly process of damage, and, therefore, will be on the relevant operators have a high degree of regulation, and, after the manufacturer day but also to do regular repair and maintenance work to increase the application of the cycle time of the furniture, which is commonly known as the product life. Product life.


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