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2023-04-14 14:43

  Guangdong hotel furniture daily maintenance measures? Furniture is more important to the usual protection, because if the usual do not cherish some of the words, no matter what the material of the furniture, are very easy to appear due to wet and mouldy, too many stains to clean up, and even broken, for the damage to the furniture is actually still some big.

  1, avoid moisture, exposure. Weekdays to pay more attention to indoor humidity, humidity is too high, it is easy to cause mouldy furniture moisture. At the same time, if the furniture is often sun exposure, the light leads to Guangdong hotel furniture paint fading, heavy can make the plate deformation, thus accelerating the damage.

  2, wet towel. Pay attention not to use too dry cloth towel wipe, dry cloth often have a lot of grey, this dust is like a sharp razor blade, will cause damage to the lacquer, so use wringing wet cloth for wiping relatively good.

  3, can not contact any corrosive things. Acidic and alkaline liquids can not be touched, chemical additives to the water agent also can not, on the paint is a kind of harm, causing furniture peeling off.

  4, the furniture should be clean to avoid bacteria. The crevices of the furniture will accumulate dust, if over time, it may breed bacteria.

  5, do not overstress. Furniture stress is a certain limit, usually do not place too much heavy objects beyond the tolerance range, can not jump, step on any vigorous damage.

  6, cloth defence products as far as possible dry cleaning. Any cloth products choose to use dry cleaning, because washing leads to wrinkles, discolouration, leather and other parts of the professional supplies can be used to clean, avoid using soap, laundry detergent and so on to wash.

  7, choose the right care water. Furniture material is relatively more, then you need to use different care water for maintenance, otherwise it affects the colour of the furniture, there are furniture repair spray wax and wash maintenance agent two furniture products, the former is mainly for a variety of wood, polyester, paint, fireproof plywood and other materials such as furniture, the latter applies to a variety of wood, glass, synthetic wood or MEPA and other materials such as furniture, especially suitable for mixed material furniture.

  8, beer cleaning method. Take out about one thousand four hundred millilitres of light-coloured beer, and then add twenty-eight grams of wax and fourteen grams of sugar, stirred well, when the mixture cooled, with a soft cloth dipped in it to wipe off the dust and ash. This method is suitable for oak furniture washing.

  9, milk cleaning method. After the expiry of the milk can be used to wash the furniture, with a clean rag in the expired not drink the milk dipped, and then use the next rag to wipe the table and other wooden furniture, remove the dirt effect is very good, for the maintenance of colour and lustre is also very good use.

  The above explained is the daily maintenance measures of Guangdong hotel furniture what, whether it is furniture or other daily necessities, always pay attention to the correct way to use, clean up, after all, usually use for furniture damage is relatively large, for different materials of furniture, pay attention to the correct way to wash, after all, not all the furniture is suitable for water rinsing, so for the precious material furniture, to pay more attention to! attention to the precious material furniture, to pay more attention to.


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