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2023-04-14 14:43

  Guangdong Hotel Furniture introduces the maintenance of furniture what? Furniture can be said to be the necessities of the family, not only to cherish some of the use, but also pay attention to the daily maintenance measures, so that the use of some of the long life, but for different materials for different maintenance measures for the furniture, so that is the right way to maintain.

  1, wooden furniture. The use of wooden furniture families or more, this kind of furniture is easier to have dust, usually wipe, with a clean cotton cloth to remove dust, to prevent friction damage to the surface of the wood can be wet with water rags. Half a year with a special cleaner to give it to do cleaning, gentle movement along the grain to do wiping, can give it faster and better clean.

  2, metal furniture. The surface of this type of furniture if there are stains, generally more difficult to wipe off, it is recommended to use a soft cloth dipped in a little toothpaste to wipe wipe off, if the stains are really difficult to remove, then we need to squeeze some toothpaste on a soft cloth, and then repeatedly rubbed a few times, the surface of the metal furniture can be restored to its original luster.

  3, leather furniture. Leather furniture for glossy requirements are relatively high, so not only to remove stains, but also pay attention to protect the surface of the sofa, with a dry rag dipped in a little egg white or pure milk in the place of stains repeatedly wiped, so that you can make the leather sofas or leather soft beds to restore the original shine.

  Leather sofa special attention can not touch sharp objects, do not place heavy objects for a long time, and try to avoid chemical agents spray spray, usually pay attention to mopping time do not use the mop back and forth collision, to avoid causing damp and mouldy, but also pay attention to try to avoid direct sunlight, affecting the surface gloss.

  4, plush furniture. Plush this material is not only not dirty, but also relatively easy to absorb dust, so usually must be more clean up, you can use a soft-bristle brush dipped in a little alcohol wipe again, and then use a hair dryer to blow dry. If the juice and other stains, it is recommended to use 1 teaspoon of baking soda with water, and use a cloth to wipe, the stains are easily removed.

  5, glass furniture. Glass is mainly common in the surface of the furniture, such as dining tables, pantry tables and other surfaces are easy to easy glass, then usually inevitably oil stains, to clear in time, can be sliced white carrot wipe desktop, will produce unexpected cleaning effect, or just eat apple core wipe oil stains, the effect is also good, if used to remove the kitchen oil stains, the effect is also very significant.

  6, log furniture. Logs of Guangdong hotel furniture maintenance is not too difficult, if there are stains on it, you can use water wax spray log furniture surface, and then dry rags dry, furniture will be bright as new. But if you find scratches on it, then it is recommended to use cod liver oil, scratches on the application of cod liver oil, the next day to use a damp cloth to wipe, in addition, with a thick salt water to eat the log furniture, can effectively prevent wood decay, extend the service life of the furniture.

  On the above said Guangdong hotel furniture introduction furniture maintenance way what, in fact, usually pay more attention to it, especially in winter, indoor heating, then the temperature is relatively high, any material furniture is actually affected, so pay attention to often ventilate the air, try to avoid long-term high temperature.



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