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2023-04-14 14:43

  First of all, we can look at the hotel furniture brand is a lot of, for example, you can use solid wood or some of the simpler style, of course, the design of each hotel is certainly not the same style, so that when set up also need to be designed according to the overall requirements. So how should these customised furniture inside the hotel be maintained and inspected? Let's take a look, first of all, check the appearance, see how the quality of this, the appearance is very important.

  Check the method is relatively simple, mainly to see whether the surface of this film is bright enough, flat enough to see if there is no kind of hanging bubble, or there are some defects in the bubble. Then this hotel furniture brand acceptance criteria is first from the appearance of the beginning to see, and then check the structure, see whether the furniture is reasonable, the border is solid. Gently push it with your hand, and find that there is shaking or crunching sound means that it is not solid.

  You have to check to see how the verticality of this furniture and the bottom of the space, there is also the size of this hotel furniture brand is very important, those customised are with the size of the custom, not only for this decoration is more beautiful, or to ensure that the practicality of this is stronger, in line with the human body's habit of using the size of whether it is reasonable. Generally speaking, whether the custom furniture is qualified, depending on the speed of this workmanship how, how practical and how the furniture between the strong point.

  We can see that these hotel furniture brands are more, customised furniture each connection point must be tight a bit, can not have that loose feeling. While checking the craftsmanship you also have to check if this drawer and this cabinet door are flexible and can be returned correctly. In the process of maintenance, you should also pay attention to never use that kind of wet rag to wipe, easy to crack the situation, you should use a softer cotton cloth, and then add a little bit of reliable oil to rub along the wood grain.

  If the solid wood contains moisture inside, this will expand, so that for some specific hotels, furniture brands must be in charge of a specific method. Guangdong Glamour Furniture Co., Ltd, is a professional production and design in one enterprise company, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, was completely built in 2002. The area is relatively wide, and every employee here is to survive on quality, reputation and development, the pursuit of fashion, the pursuit of consistency, nature and environmental protection is also their pursuit of the goal. And the company's products are exported to the north and south of the Yangtze River, exported to the Middle East and Europe such areas were established for many years with a lot of advanced equipment and technology.


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