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  First, guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers talk about hotel furniture design:

Hotel furniture in the customisation and production process, the design is the most important thing, the designer according to the actual spatial structure of the rooms, halls or corridors and other places in the hotel to adjust, in the design of the emphasis on functionality, structural and formal integrity, materials, technology and spatial depth and accuracy, to show the perfect combination of hotel indoor functionality and the furniture environment, to maximize hotel space use.

  Hotel custom furniture should be designed according to the hotel environment, follow the principle of comfort in the distribution of space scale, in the space style should be more flexible, reasonable treatment and resolution of the conflict between two different styles of adjacent space relationship, reasonable mobile line can make the visual enjoyment more comfortable and free, shared space can have a sense of overall space, increase the good image of the hotel.

  Second, guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers say hotel furniture materials:

  Most of the senior hotel furniture is "E0" level environmental board, native wood, environmental protection paint custom production, per litre release of harmful gases less than 0.5 mg of formaldehyde content (E00.5 mg / l) of furniture. Comparison of closed hotel rooms display furniture to meet the "E0" emission standards, irritating the eyes and nose of the gas or odour is lighter, furniture installation is completed open the window to ventilate a few days to move in. Environmentally friendly furniture has become an important option for modern guests to choose the conditions of hotel stay.

  Furniture industry recognised environmental certification in addition to the internationally accepted ISO14000 environmental system certification, there are "ten ring certification" and "CQC quality and environmental protection product certification. The "Ten Ring Certification" is promoted and issued by the Ministry of the Environment, is the highest level, the most authoritative environmental product certification. CQC quality environmental product certification provides a comprehensive evaluation of the environmental quality of the product, through these certified furniture products, environmental quality is basically guaranteed.

  Third, Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers share hotel furniture customisation process:

  Hotel customised furniture through the designer to the hotel site to develop measurements, design drawings, raw material plans, feasible process, process operating procedures, etc., with a variety of processing equipment to change the shape, size or physical properties of raw materials, raw materials will be processed to meet the technical requirements of the product, the basic process for the design - manufacturing process - sampling - material selection - material - cleaning - processing.

  Process according to the basic components of the production process, according to the processing characteristics or processing purposes, furniture production process and there are a number of industrial parks, in order to scientifically and systematically discuss the fundamental principles of the furniture production process, the typical process, process parameters, the scope of application and quality assurance measures, analysis of the various factors affecting the production and quality, the reasonable preparation of the hotel customized furniture process and the ability to practice operation.

  Fourth, guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers say hotel furniture production standards:

  Product surface materials used in the selection of fine materials do not allow any wood defects, the original wood colour and lustre uniformity, no blue changes, corruption, seasonal cracks, cracks, insect moths and so on. Non-exposed surfaces can be allowed to slight defects, making the area of the joints can not be more than 10 mm, 10 mm or less can be filled with solid wood patches, the colour must be consistent, there is no obvious traces after painting.

  Material processing in strict accordance with the template and drawings, the processing of the first inspection system is strictly enforced, the processing of the parts after the cross-section of uniform, cut corner parts, punching slot corners, hole corners and lines smooth, no burrs, collapse, jump, wave printing phenomenon, the board before the corner of the edge of the even and smooth, feel good, sticking the corner of the band and the board. Dowel and mortise and tenon joints should be a close fit, 1.5 mm between barrels and cabinet doors; not more than. Coating process must be strictly in accordance with the sample production, there are coating full, flat and smooth, not rough, peeling and other phenomena.

  Process requirements are flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation, in-process and product quality control by self-inspection, inspection, process internal quality inspection, inter-departmental handover quality inspection, test quality inspection, final inspection control. Self-inspection, patrol, internal quality inspection of the process, the test set by the WIP department head, quality supervisor to supervise the completion. Departmental handover is supervised by the department head, delivery, consignee to complete the quantity, quality confirmation, supervisor audit signature.

  Fifth, hotel furniture quality management:

  Furniture production of the entire production process consists of a number of processes, the stability of process quality including people, machines, materials, process methods, inspection, environmental factors. These factors, especially when the dominant factor changes, will directly affect the stability of the quality of the project. Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers believe that according to the composition of each process parameter selection, equipment management should pay attention to the details and the actual experience of the production work, to solve the production quality problems in the production process.



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