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  Hotel furniture is an important part of the hotel, hotel furniture should not only consider the style and quality, but also consider the need for environmentally friendly materials and functionality, the following guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers talk about the considerations when choosing hotel furniture.


  Environmental protection

  Furniture in the hotel must first consider the concept of environmental protection of hotel furniture. Firstly, the hotel furniture itself is not polluted and non-toxic, the materials of the furniture will release gases that are harmful to the human body, so it should be avoided as much as possible, and if it is used, it should be purchased in accordance with the national quality and safety standards of the materials that are less dangerous to the human body. Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers believe that hotel furniture is easy to recycle, handle and recycle, and the furniture will not pollute the environment when it is no longer in use.


  Hotel furniture is a material carrier for providing services to customers, the personality and style of the furniture should be in line with the overall style of the hotel, to avoid the overall simple decoration and luxury furniture, or the overall luxury decorations and low-grade furniture with. Similarly, to consider the love of the guests and the concept of consumption, to comply with the aesthetics and taste of the guests, and give priority to the function.


  Hotels open with a lot of one-time investment, so it is important to consider the entire budget when buying furniture. Under the premise of conforming to the overall budget, you should maximise furniture depreciation, life cycle, durability, sturdiness and low depreciation.

  Waterproof and moisture resistant

  Inside the hotel room, table, bedside table, etc. is the place where guests casually place items (such as water cups, water bottles, etc.), in the placement of the bathroom, dining room, furniture, should also be considered moisture-proof, stain-resistant materials.

  Fire resistance and high temperature resistance

  Guests in the guest room smoking or use of matches, etc. will cause damage to the surface of the furniture, serious or the formation of a fire, so the need for furniture fire-retardant flame retardant effect is better.

  Wear-resistant and durable

  Inside the guest room, dining room, meeting room is the place where guests often enter, the furniture in these places must consider the wear-resistant and return-resistant.

  Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers share the core work of quality management:

  1, the preparation of process procedures. According to the characteristics of the enterprise furniture production process, the cumulative method of preparation of the refined process, the key or important drawing dimensions, technical requirements recorded in the process name column, if necessary, add "internal control standards", into the process procedures.

  2、Process quality control. The use of various methods and statistical tools to determine and eliminate quality fluctuations caused by system factors, so that the fluctuations in process quality is limited to the necessary limits.

  3, process quality control points. The need to focus on controlling the quality characteristics, the main parts, weaknesses, dominant factors, etc. to take special management measures and methods, the implementation of enhanced management, so that the process is in a good state of control, according to the quality characteristics of the value of the overall quality of the project to determine the quality of control points.

  4, the main process elements of quality control. Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers believe that in the production, to strengthen the process key components, important parts of the manufacturing of serious work, to develop appropriate quality management plan to ensure stable and continuous production of products in line with the quality and ensure the continuity of qualified products.


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