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2023-04-14 14:43

  With the upgrading of the consumer environment in the current hotel market, "value" in the hotel selection criteria accounted for an increasingly heavy proportion. Hotel furniture is not only related to the use of hotel functions, but also directly affects the hotel's sense of quality and ornamental. Therefore, the choice of furniture is crucial to the construction of the hotel, the following Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers share how to choose hotel furniture.


  Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers say good hotel furniture should have what characteristics?

  Hotel furniture should consider the coordination of indoor function and environment, different levels of hotels require different standards and different style requirements. Good hotel furniture not only gives accommodation guests a comfortable stay experience, but also directly affects the overall environment of the hotel. Let's take a look at the characteristics of hotel furniture.

  1. Fire, high temperature

  Ignited cigarettes, matches, etc. will cause damage to the surface of the furniture, a serious fire may occur, the fire resistance of hotel furniture should not be ignored.

  2. Wear resistance

  Room daily necessities, such as telephones, ashtrays, teacups, lamps, flower pots, etc., in daily use will lead to scratches on the surface of the furniture, which will affect the effective life of the furniture, the wear resistance of the furniture is one of the important factors in determining the effective life of the furniture.

  3. Environmental protection

  The hotel room is relatively closed, the furniture has the gas that stimulates the eyes and nose will affect the guest's experience, leading to the guest's poor evaluation, and ultimately will directly affect the room occupancy rate. Therefore, the environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for modern guests to choose to stay in the hotel conditions.

  4. Clear style

  The style of furniture should be coordinated with the overall decoration style of the hotel, avoiding simple decoration with luxury furniture or luxury decoration with low-grade furniture. Furniture selection should take into account the hotel's location, residents, room prices and so on. Centred on guests' preferences and consumption concepts, reasonable furniture design and product style to make up for the shortcomings of the building and decoration, to improve the level and characteristics of the hotel.

  5. One-time investment

  In order to avoid furniture aging and damage and reduce occupancy rates, the choice of furniture should not only consider the investment cost, but also in the operation process at the same time to consider the regular cumulative investment in furniture. Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers believe that there is no need to repeat the investment, we must choose the appearance of good quality, cost-effective products.

  6. Waterproof and moisture

  In the hotel room, moisture often damages the hotel room furniture. Bathroom moisture diffusion, seasonal climate humidity changes, etc. have exposed, eliminating furniture cover, expanding the board deformation, especially cracks, mould and other roles, hotel furniture materials should have waterproof performance.

  Considering the budget, the purchase of any hotel materials should be based on the financial strength of the hotel. Not only the so-called grade, but also the break of the financial chain in the later operation. Then, the furniture of this hotel is no better, there is no use without driving funds later. For the survival of a hotel, its furniture is only in many conditions to play a basic role. The most important thing is to rely on the hotel's later operation plan and offline synchronous promotion. Only by catching up with activities and grades can our early hotel furniture choices play a role in promoting profits in later operations. Otherwise beautiful furniture will also become a pile of decorations.


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