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2023-04-14 14:43

  Here is a talk about how to maintain Guangdong hotel furniture?

  Generally speaking, most of the price of Guangdong hotel furniture is usually higher than civilian furniture, so the requirements are higher, the maintenance will naturally become more troublesome, so how should the hotel furniture maintenance?

  First, Guangdong hotel furniture placed on the ground must be kept flat, so that the four legs of Guangdong hotel furniture can be evenly landed, if the furniture is still in an unstable state after placing, over time, mortise and tenon or fasteners will fall off, adhesive parts will crack, thus affecting the use of the effect of reducing the service life of the hotel furniture, if the soft ground so that the hotel furniture is out of balance, don't pad the legs of the furniture on the wooden boards or Iron, so that even if the balance, it is difficult to withstand the uniform force, over time will damage the internal structure of Guangdong hotel furniture, the only way to compensate is to repair the ground, or in the south side of the area of a slightly larger hard rubber skin, so that Guangdong hotel furniture can be smooth on all four feet on the ground.

  Second, try to use cotton knitted fabric to remove the dust on the hotel furniture, and then use a soft wool brush to remove the dust on the concave or embossed patterns, paint treated hotel furniture do not use gasoline or organic solvents to wipe, to use colourless furniture wax polish to enhance the luster and reduce dust.

  Third, the placement of hotel furniture as far as possible not direct sunlight, often sun exposure will make the paint film of Guangdong hotel furniture fading, metal fittings are easy to oxidise and deteriorate, the wood is easy to become brittle, try to use curtains to protect the hotel furniture in summer.




  Hotel furniture, dining tables and chairs maintenance "four parts"

  With the improvement of the quality of life, modern people will also pursue individual customisation, the required level will also be increased in the appearance of the design, not only luxury, beautiful, artistic, but also coordinated with the whole space design atmosphere, the furniture should be of excellent quality and durability.

  Guangdong hotel furniture is different from civilian furniture, requires wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, in addition to their own quality, daily maintenance is also an essential way.

  1. Often clean hotel tables and chairs.

  Use a clean rag to clean and maintain the hotel dining table and chairs, after cleaning, be sure to turn over or change to a clean rag and wipe again, and then wipe the care agent to maintain the brightness.

  2. Dining tables and chairs should be kept damp

  If you choose professional essential oil for hotel dining tables and chairs, you can effectively prevent the wood from cracking and deformation, while nourishing the wood, so that the hotel dining tables and chairs from the inside out to regain their lustre, and extend the service life of the hotel dining tables and chairs.

  Hotel furniture, dining tables and chairs maintenance "four-part"

  3. Avoid direct sunlight hotel dining tables and chairs.

  Exquisite wooden hotel dining tables and chairs after sun exposure, local easy to fade, wood is too dry, rattan easy to crack, fade, dry and other phenomena.

  4. Do not use soapy water, detergent or water to clean the dining table and chairs.

  Never use soap and water and detergent cleaning, not only can not remove the dust on the surface of the dining table and chairs, but also can not remove the silica sand particles before polishing, because these two detergents have a certain degree of corrosiveness, will damage the surface of the dining table and chairs, so that the table and chairs of the lacquer becomes dull, hotel furniture in addition to choosing good quality products, but also to have a longer service life, which depends on the maintenance of the later, welcome! Share your better experience!



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