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2023-04-14 14:43

  Here is a talk about the significance of Guangdong hotel furniture design

  Guangdong hotel furniture space elements in the room decoration design, the use of space should be reasonable, that is, the reasonable distribution of living space and the expansion and supplementation of living space, the distribution of indoor space is generally divided into three parts in accordance with the living habits of the rest area, activity area, living area, the rest area is the area of sleeping and resting, it should be relatively quiet, hidden and ventilated; the activity area includes study, work, reception and entertainment area. Requirements for relatively spacious, neat, beautiful; living area is the dining and cleaning area, the room should be ventilated, safe, clean, the elements of colour design, including wall colour, furniture colour, fabric colour and other choices, indoor colour not only affects the visual, but also directly affects people's mood and psychology.

  Scientific Guangdong hotel furniture colour is beneficial to human physical and mental health, can meet the functional requirements, but also to achieve the effect of aesthetics, and at the same time the use of a variety of changes, thick and thin, fancy colours, to achieve the effect of cold, warm, static, live, deal with the tone of the whole room, first determine a main colour, the main colour is determined and then consider the coordination of the room with the other colours of the colour heart is generally refers to the furniture colour is determined after the wall, floor, doors and windows, fabrics and other color , doors, windows, fabrics and other colour coordination, the use of light effects in interior space is one of the characteristics of modern interior design.




  Sunlight is an important factor in nature, so we should make good use of it in the design, after nightfall, indoor lighting can play a key role in the atmosphere and mood, and different styles of lamps and lanterns with the combination of the indoor environment can form a variety of different styles of indoor atmosphere and different styles of environmental ambience, the choice of lamps and lanterns should also take into account the optical effect, such as the ceiling lamps, so that the roof interface with the upward feeling;; with strong light to give the roof interface with the upward feeling; with strong light to give the space an enlarged feeling. With the ceiling lamp, the roof interface feels downward; strong light space gives a feeling of enlargement.

  Guangdong Hotel Furniture Decoration Elements room decoration mainly refers to the material, colour, pattern, texture and practice of the interior walls, floor, ceiling, the role of the interior decoration is to protect the walls, to meet the functional requirements of indoor use, to provide a beautiful and clean living environment, the interior walls are close to the people, so the use of decorative materials can not smell the smell of the people in contact with the people will not pollute the clothes, so the texture of the soft and delicate, the room Interior decoration should have a certain degree of permeability, or floor ceiling decoration in addition to beautiful in addition to the role of compartment moisture, the selection of materials should be based on the need to use the function, and coordinated with the overall interior decoration.

  Today, Guangdong hotel furniture manufacturers explain the significance of Guangdong hotel furniture design, we all understand? I hope it can help you, thank you for watching, we will see you next time.


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