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  Here are the methods and techniques of customised Guangdong hotel furniture

  Hotel is the place where people spend money, some people will go to the hotel when they meet happy events or banquets, the hotel needs furniture, because of the reason of the hotel room area, Guangdong hotel furniture is generally customised, only so that any space in the hotel will not be wasted, but what are the methods of customisation, what do you need to pay attention to when you customise? These are not well understood, so what are the methods and techniques of customising Guangdong hotel furniture? Next, I will introduce it to you, I hope you can refer to it.

  Guangdong hotel furniture customised methods and techniques.

       1. custom Guangdong hotel furniture, pay attention to the design scheme, in the actual process of furniture customisation, often encounter many customers, hastily determine the scheme, the results in the installation process, found a variety of dissatisfaction, but the direct result of carelessness is that they have to bear a lot of responsibility.  

       2. In the choice of custom Guangdong hotel furniture tips, be sure to compare prices, because the material is not the same, in the home store prices will be very different, the same dining table, if the solid wood furniture and plate furniture price difference of more than 1,000 yuan, the special material of the solid wood to form a natural colour difference, you can identify the solid wood and plate.

  3. In the custom Guangdong hotel furniture, but also pay attention to the rationality of the use of furniture, hotel furniture should be supportive, practical, beautiful, not wishful thinking to show personality, to be rational, according to the need to customise the furniture belonging to the hotel, a lot of friends online in accordance with the style of the furniture, but in the specific hotel space will seem crowded, this is because the consumer is not professional enough, overconfident.

  4. Guangdong hotel furniture customised skills there is a more important point is the selection of materials: solid wood furniture currently on the market, we are serious about the choice, the use of species of beech, teak linden, pine and other more than ten kinds of species, of which beech, oak, ash is very expensive, accordingly, the price will be more expensive, in the choice of style, choose a neither trendy nor obsolete style is a smart choice.

  5. In the customised Guangdong hotel furniture, to avoid unnecessary waste should actually be viewed with a dialectical perspective, customised Guangdong hotel furniture can be achieved to a large extent to save space, but it does not mean that the more you do, the higher the utilisation rate, a lot of places that do not need to be filled with furniture, which not only increases the cost of the furniture, but also increases the difficulty of the installation, and in the subsequent The use of the process, not necessarily can be used, such a place, it belongs to waste, try not to do as well.

  6. Guangdong hotel furniture customisation skills more important point is to look at the pattern and knot: because all solid wood furniture has a natural wood grain, so it is very important, if it is a good solid wood panels, you can see the pattern from the front, if you open the cabinet door, you can also see the corresponding pattern in the corresponding position, that is to say, the other side should have scars.



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