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2023-04-14 14:43

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company to talk about what characteristics of custom hotel furniture

  Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Company: What are the characteristics of custom-made hotel furniture?

  What are the characteristics of new Chinese hotel furniture? New Chinese hotel furniture in the traditional aesthetic standards, the use of modern materials and technology, interpretation of the classical essence of traditional Chinese culture, so that the hotel furniture has both elegant and dignified Chinese flavour, but also has obvious modern characteristics.

  By absorbing the essence of ancient Chinese culture and organically combining traditional elements with modern elements, the new Chinese hotel furniture creates modern Chinese furniture dominated by modern people's aesthetics and functional needs, and the new Chinese hotel furniture has made new breakthroughs in terms of style design, material selection and post-production.

  The new Chinese hotel furniture is ancient, but not dull, interpreting the beauty of traditional classics in the modern atmosphere, eliminating the drawbacks of ancient mahogany furniture which is regular, complicated and ancient, and improving the traditional mahogany furniture through various methods, so that the furniture is more in line with the modern people's living requirements and life needs.


  In the application of wood, the new Chinese style chooses the wood with clear and beautiful texture, light and warm colour, and delicate and warm handfeel, and in the manufacturing process, in addition to modern manufacturing technology, modern drying technology is also introduced, which changes the phenomenon of roughness, shrinkage and cracking of furniture.

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company: customised hotel furniture features are introduced as follows

  1. Furniture custom and assembly line of ordinary furniture mass production is very different, because almost every piece of custom furniture is not the same, resulting in a great difference in the yield of each piece of wood, hotel furniture custom refers to the furniture business in mass production on the basis of each customer as a separate segment, according to the hotel's requirements, the design, production and manufacture of hotel furniture suitable for the style of the hotel Hotel furniture.

  2. Hotel furniture has a unique style in design, most of the hotel furniture is custom-made, so the hotel furniture is much better than the general hotel, hotel furniture can better meet the individual needs.

  3. The grade of hotel furniture is relatively high, whether it is the design of the furniture, or the material of the furniture, it belongs to the fashionable type, so when we use these furniture, we will feel very comfortable and very classy.

  4. Most hotels customise hotel furniture according to the consumer's preferred style of furniture and the hotel's brand image, so these furniture will make every guest feel comfortable, and you will feel that in fact everywhere you can feel the penetration of the brand's own culture, there is a very strong brand culture, which is not a feature of the general hotel.

  5. custom hotel furniture is not only the production of furniture style, but also the design layout, production process, logistics and distribution, installation, after-sales service personalised custom, custom hotel furniture, the need to optimise the entire plate in advance, to ensure a higher rate of material, and then a reasonable and accurate calculation of the actual amount of each piece of furniture plate, according to the area of the plate to calculate the price.

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company today, I will first introduce here, thank you for watching, let us see you next time.


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