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2023-04-14 14:43

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company to talk about the design of hotel furniture matters

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company: how to design hotel furniture?

  In the hotel design, the restaurant in addition to focusing on the personalised design of the room, but also can not be sloppy; the restaurant is a place that can reflect the regional culture of the hotel, so that customers can enjoy the food, and now, we follow the brand of Haubawei hotel furniture, to see the layout and design of the hotel restaurant furniture, as well as the matters that need attention.


  1. Hotel restaurant furniture hue selection

  The general design of restaurant furniture is based on fresh and comfortable colours, such as light green, warm yellow, white, etc. And the tableware on the table with should also pay attention to; for example, the location of the tableware, the colour and shape of the napkin design and so on.

  2. Placement of table accessories

  The space on the hotel table is good to keep clean, but if you want to add personalised design, you can also place flowers or other small decorations; too much decoration will destroy the whole style of the table and the restaurant, the table must be placed neatly, not chaotically, which is unprofessional.

  3. Personalisation of hotel restaurant furniture

  Western and Chinese restaurant furniture must be different; furniture that matches the dishes allows people to feel the taste of the food and enter the atmosphere of the food; this also needs to be customised through hotel furniture.

  Although there are many styles of furniture in restaurants, square or round tables are commonly used by Chinese people, and in recent years, long round tables are also popular; dining chairs are simple in structure and good for folding; especially in the case of small space in the dining room, the folding dining table and chairs can effectively save space; otherwise, too big a table will make the dining room space look crowded; therefore, some folding tables are more popular.

  The shape and colour of dining chairs should be coordinated with the dining table and consistent with the design style of the entire restaurant; restaurant furniture should focus on style shaping; log tables and chairs to show the natural texture, natural and comfortable atmosphere; metal plating using artificial leather or woven furniture, elegant lines, contemporary, texture contrast effect is outstanding; high-grade dark-coloured fine furniture, elegant style, far-reaching charm, rich in oriental mood.

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company: why modern hotel furniture is so popular?

  1. Focus on functional design, clean and smooth lines, strong colour contrast, these are the characteristics of modern hotel furniture.

  2. The extensive use of tempered glass, stainless steel and other new materials as auxiliary materials is also a common decorative technique of modern style hotel furniture, which can give people an avant-garde, unrestrained feeling.

  3. Modern hotel furniture because of the simple lines, less decorative elements, so you need the perfect soft furnishings to highlight its beauty, such as sofas need cushions, tables need tablecloths, beds need curtains and sheets, soft furnishings in place is the key to modern style.

  Simplicity does not lack of design elements, is a higher level of creative field, as far as interior design is concerned, do not need to abandon the rules and simplicity of the original architectural space, arbitrarily decorated architectural carriers, on the contrary, the design emphasises the functionality, structure and form of the totality of the material, technology and the depth and precision of the space, with a simple approach into the interior of the creation of the need for designers to have a higher level of design literacy and more practical experience.

  Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Company editorial on the first speech here, thank you for watching, then we will see you next time.


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