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2023-04-14 14:43

  Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Company Speaks Out Customised Hotel Furniture Focuses on Quality Talent

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company: custom hotel furniture focus on quality talent

  For hotel companies, in order to improve economic efficiency, fundamentally, to provide customers with high-quality hotel environment, facilities and services is the fundamental way, therefore, hotel companies should strengthen the quality control in the production process of hotel furniture, and constantly improve the quality of the product, which is one of the most important means of custom Hotel Furniture enterprises to continue to develop and improve market competitiveness.


  Quality control refers to the work techniques and activities used to meet the quality requirements, the purpose of which is to ensure product quality, so as to monitor the process and eliminate the factors that cause dissatisfaction at all stages of the quality cycle, from an ideal product design, from a pattern to a physical object, are achieved in the manufacturing process, in order to ensure the quality of the furniture, it is necessary to strengthen the quality control of the production process.

  The core of quality control of the furniture manufacturing process is to keep the production operations stable and under control to ensure the role of the process, by analysing the possible causes of quality defects and taking preventive measures, scrap and defective products can be reduced.

  In the hotel furniture manufacturing industry, due to the processing process consists of complex processes, the entire production line of the processing process often appear one after another defects, therefore, just test the product is not enough, in the whole production process, must strictly control the processing quality of each process, that is, from the first process, the quality control of the hotel furniture production can be divided into according to the manufacturing process: pre-production quality control, production The quality control of hotel furniture production according to the manufacturing process can be divided into: quality control before production, production in the quality control and quality control after production.

  Hotel Furniture Manufacturing Company: Customised High Quality Hotel Furniture, Creating Personalised Hotel Environment

  Team, if there is no excellent professional designer, limited design ability, no good production level, it is difficult to reach the degree of customer satisfaction, customised Hotel furniture need to pay attention to what problems?

  First, pay attention to the structural strength of the hotel furniture, generally fixed furniture, the connection method is generally selected dowels, hardware connectors, adhesives, pay special attention to the different characteristics of the material, such as particleboard in the MDF grip is poor, do not use in the need for a strong grip or frequent use of the place.

  Second, pay attention to the appearance of different qualities of substrates and coatings, their characteristics are different, if you do not pay attention to the characteristics of the material or improper use, the sheet tends to warp, hotel furniture is usually made of particle board, medium density fibreboard, joinery and laminates, the surface is covered with veneer, veneer and three layers of plywood, to ensure that the furniture countertops are smooth and well-decorated, fine workmanship, clear texture.

  Third, pay attention to its safety performance, furniture will not only not hurt people, there are some invisible things, such as smell, no irritating odours, no hurtful gases, which requires the use of environmentally friendly level of materials to ensure.

  Hotel furniture manufacturing company is introduced here, well, thank you for watching, let us see you next time.


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