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2023-04-14 14:43

  With the development of the economy, people's pace of life is getting faster and faster, and the shortcomings of the hotel industry have also emerged. Hotel furniture manufacturers understand that the traditional hotel decoration design for the room is too simple, lack of fashionable colour elements, making the hotel too monotonous. The visual experience of hotel decoration design is very important to customers. So when designers design hotel rooms, the important thing is the colour combination of the hotel. Eye-catching room design can make customers have a more comfortable rest environment, and the purpose of colour matching is to make customers comfortable and enjoy the visual beauty.


  For hotel furniture manufacturers, customised hotel furniture is more indispensable than furniture. Compared to finished furniture, bespoke furniture is more in line with customers' requirements in terms of materials, colours and styles. So how much does colour matching affect a hotel? Hotel furniture manufacturer below to say.

  The traditional hotel decoration design is too simple for the colour of the room design, and the lack of fashionable colour elements makes the hotel colour too monotonous. The visual experience of hotel decoration design is very important to customers. Therefore, in the design of hotel rooms, hotel colour matching is very important for hotel furniture, hotel suite furniture and so on. Eye-catching room design provides customers with a more comfortable resting environment. The purpose of colour matching is to make customers feel comfortable while enjoying visual aesthetics. Colour consistency and variability are the basic laws of colour composition. So in the process of custom guest room furniture, the following issues should be considered: 3360 through the colour feeling, whether it is elegant or gorgeous, calm or lively, simple or luxurious. Colour is difficult to express and requires professional aesthetics and design. What kind of main colour is the accompaniment of high-end hotel space, which is the topic to be considered in the stage of colour selection. The relationship between different colour objects forms a layered background. The wall is the background of the sofa, the sofa is the background of the cushions, the wall is the background, the sofa is the second background.

  Colour and material are one of the elements of custom room furniture, says the hotel furniture manufacturer. Colour is one, form is two and material is third. Colour and material are highly expressive, giving psychological and physiological feelings and associations both visually and tactilely. The colour of room furniture is mainly reflected in the inherent colour of wood, the paint colour of room furniture surfaces and paints, the decorative colour of man-made board surfaces, the modern industrial colours of metal, plastic and glass, and the leather and fabric colours of soft room furniture. In addition to the use of room furniture colour, the design of room furniture colour must also consider the following factors: room furniture and interior environment: room furniture and indoor space environment are part of the space, so the colour of room furniture should be coordinated with the overall indoor environment. Furniture and walls, floors, curtains, fabrics, spatial environment is closely related. In short, the colour design of room furniture must be combined with the indoor environment and its function.

  Hotel furniture manufacturer reminds us that the customised hotel furniture needs to consider the local customs, combined with the rich customs and culture, reflecting different customs and habits, so that the style of the room furniture is rich and varied. There are many introductions to hotel furniture design. How to make customers feel at home is a problem that every designer will consider when designing hotel rooms. Hotel colours should be chosen to make customers feel comfortable. In the use of colour, it is also important to combine the overall design concept and decoration concept to make the colour design of each space unified. Unity here is not all the same colour, but visual unity. The hotel is a public space, especially in determining the hue, should choose common colour combinations to meet the visual needs of customers. The choice of hotel colours is not arbitrary, but based on local cultural habits, local customs and the positioning of the hotel. However, in addition to the decoration and design style of the theme hotel, most of the hotel rooms of other decoration styles choose warm colours for room decoration, and colour is the basis of this. The key is to build people. Sleep in a comfortable environment.



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