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2023-04-14 14:43

  How to accept and maintain the customised hotel furniture? Hotel furniture manufacturing to introduce to you.


  Hotel furniture manufacturers say that the customised hotel furniture acceptance is as follows:

  1. Check the appearance

  If you want to check the quality of customised hotel furniture, you should first check the appearance. The inspection method is very simple, mainly to check whether the paint film on the surface is smooth and bright enough, and whether there are quality defects such as hanging, bubbles and so on.

  2. Check the structure

  Check whether the structure of the customised furniture is reasonable, whether the border is correct and firm, and gently push it with your hand. If you find wobbling or creaking sound, it means that this customised hotel furniture structure is not solid, also carefully check the verticality and warping bottom of the furniture.

  3. Check the size

  For customised hotel furniture, customised furniture is not only for decorative and beautiful, but also practical, in line with people's habits of use, and whether the size is reasonable.

  4.Check the process

  Whether the customised furniture is qualified depends on the degree of workmanship. It can be distinguished according to the combined parts, and you can check the firmness of the connection points of each part of the furniture. For the overall structure of the furniture, each connection point should be tight and there should be no gaps or looseness. When checking the workmanship, you should also check whether the drawers and cabinet doors are flexible and can be returned correctly.

  Hotel furniture manufacturer said, hotel furniture maintenance we have to carry out this way:

  1. You can't use wet rags or coarse rags to wipe the hotel furniture. Use a clean and soft cotton cloth. After a period of time, add a little furniture wax or walnut oil to the solid wood furniture and gently rub back and forth along the wood grain.

  2. If the floor of the room is not flat, the furniture will be deformed over time. How to avoid? The method is to use small wooden blocks to flatten. If it is a cottage or a house with low ground, the furniture legs should be properly padded when the ground is wet, otherwise the legs are easy to be corroded by moisture and gas.

  3. Furniture surface should avoid friction with hard objects, otherwise it is easy to damage the paint and wood surface texture. For example, when placing porcelain, bronze and other decorative items to be particularly careful, good pad a soft cloth.

  4. Solid wood contains moisture. Air humidity is too high, solid wood furniture will expand, too low will contract. General hotel furniture in the production of a shrinkage layer, so the placement of the time to pay attention to, can not be placed in too wet or too dry place. For example, high temperature and high heat places such as heaters, too humid basement and other places, so as to avoid mould or cracking.

  5. If the hotel furniture accidentally stained with oil, you can use to drink the leftover tea coated, and then spray a small amount of cornstarch for wiping, after wiping cornstarch can be. Cornstarch can adsorb all the dirt on the surface of the furniture, so that the paint is smooth and shiny.

  6. If the surface of the hotel furniture is white wood lacquer, the use of long time is easy to become yellow. You can use a rag dipped in toothpaste to wipe. Be careful not to be too hard. You can also mix two egg yolks evenly, apply it to the yellowing place with a soft brush, dry it and wipe it carefully with a soft cloth.


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