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2023-04-14 14:43

  Hotel furniture manufacturer and we talk about the customisation of hotel furniture what should we pay attention to?


  What do we pay attention to the customisation of hotel furniture? This is a problem that many companies are concerned about. Hotel furniture customisation is not as simple as imagined, the pursuit of fashion, saving money, ignoring the use of hotel space and the different living habits of guests, will make the original dream broken. The next hotel furniture manufacturer to share the customised hotel furniture need to pay attention to matters.

  First, the design programme

  Pay attention to the design programme. In the actual process of custom furniture, often encounter many customers, hastily determine the programme. As a result, in the post-installation process, found a variety of unsatisfactory places, but the direct result of carelessness is that you yourself have to bear a lot of responsibility. Therefore, in the process of customising hotel furniture, you must focus on the design scheme. The special requirements of the actual space are adjusted accordingly so that the space can be reasonably utilised to a large extent.

  Second, practical rationality

  Pay attention to the rationality of the use of furniture. Hotel furniture manufacturers say that hotel furniture should be supportive, practical and aesthetic. Instead of wishful thinking, it is better to be rational. According to the need to customise furniture belonging to the hotel, many friends online in accordance with the style of doing furniture, but in the specific hotel space will seem crowded. This is because consumers are not professional enough and overconfident. In fact, it is completely unnecessary. More and more hotel furniture manufacturers invest more energy in product development, they are equipped with a special hotel furniture designer for each customer, can be designed according to their own needs reasonable, suitable for their hotel furniture products.

  Third, the rational use of effective space

  In fact, the issue of avoiding unnecessary waste should be viewed dialectically. Customised hotel furniture can be achieved to a large extent to save space, but the more you do, the higher the utilisation rate will be. Many unwanted places can be completely filled without furniture, which not only increases the cost of furniture, but also increases the difficulty of installation, and in the future use of the process may not be able to use. Such places belong to waste, try not to.

  Fourth, the appearance of quality

  First of all, the appearance of quality requirements furniture countertops should be flat, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, clear and beautiful texture. Hotel furniture manufacturer said that the guest room furniture is usually made of particle board, medium density fibreboard, blockboard, laminate and so on. as substrates, as well as veneer, wood veneer and three-layer plywood as cladding materials. Different substrates and cladding materials have different material properties. Failure to pay attention to the material properties and the correct method of use often leads to sheet warping.

  Five, structural strength

  Hotel furniture manufacturers believe that most of the furniture in the guest room is interacting with the furniture company's reasonable material structure and workshop process arrangement. After opening the cabinet door, smell it with your nose. If you have a runny nose, glazed eyes and tears, it means that the formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high and will be harmful to the human body.


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