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  Give you a five-star hotel furniture customised need to pay attention to considerations

  Precautions in the design of five-star hotel furniture customisation:

  Good hotel furniture needs to consider the harmony of indoor function and environment, according to the requirements of different grades of hotels, requiring different standards and styles, good hotel furniture not only brings guests a comfortable stay experience, but also directly affects the overall environment of the hotel, in the selection of hotel furniture, first consider the positioning of the hotel, including the survey of consumer groups, to make a comprehensive evaluation.


  Precautions in the custom design of five-star hotel furniture

  1. When customising five-star hotel furniture, pay attention to: appearance quality, different substrates and cladding materials have different characteristics, if you don't pay attention to the material characteristics or improper use, the plate tends to warp, to ensure that the furniture countertops are flat, exquisite decoration, fine workmanship and clear texture.

  2. When customizing five-star hotel furniture, pay attention to: colour and style matching, custom five-star hotel furniture colour, style, style to match with the colour, style, style should fully consider the theme of the interior design style, the design should be in line with the principle of ergonomics and humane design, such as the design of wardrobe, you can do more laminate and drawers, furniture corners can be obtuse or rounded, TV sets should have rotatable partition, the socket should consider the charging and use of mobile phones.

  3.Customised hotel furniture should pay attention to: structural strength, hotel furniture is generally fixed furniture, usually using wood screws, hardware connectors, adhesives for joining, we should pay special attention to the different characteristics of the material.

  4. When customising five-star hotel furniture, we should pay attention to: safety performance, furniture will not scratch people, will not fall down, no irritating odour, using environmentally friendly grade materials, it is recommended that the furniture should have the smell of fresh wood, and there will be a scent when you clean the room.

  What are the characteristics of five-star hotel furniture?

  Furniture is a hotel project, hotel project design and matching design of the indoor environment need to directly consider the harmony of the indoor function and the environment, in addition, according to the different standards of the star level, the style requirements are also different, five-star hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture and so on.

  1. The auxiliary materials of five-star hotel furniture should be energy-saving and easy to recycle.

  2.The materials used in hotel furniture tend to be natural, do not contain harmful substances, do not release harmful gases, and even if they are no longer used, they are easy to recycle and reuse.

  3. The design of hotel furniture products is in line with the principle of ergonomics, reducing redundant functions, in normal and abnormal use, will not cause adverse effects and harm to the human body.

  4. In the design and production process of hotel furniture, the service life of the product should be extended as much as possible to make the furniture more durable, which can also effectively reduce the energy consumption in reprocessing.

  The explanation about hotel furniture is here first, if you need hotel furniture customisation, you can contact our manufacturers.


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