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2023-04-14 14:43

  The following explains the key points of customising five-star hotel furniture and how to select and buy Chinese furniture

  Talk about the key points of customised furniture:

  Custom five-star hotel furniture, five-star hotel furniture and hotel activities are closely related to the furniture is the main function of the indoor atmosphere and artistic effect, everywhere to reflect the "people-oriented" design concept, five-star hotel furniture not only give people a convenient and comfortable feeling, but also give people aesthetic pleasure and pleasure, due to the different rooms, the number, design and function of furniture are not the same. Due to the different rooms, the number, design and function of furniture are not the same, but all the furniture has the basic functions such as sleeping, writing, storage and so on.


  Hotel furniture custom points

  First, we should take the design programme as the object of study, and make corresponding adjustments to the special requirements of the actual space, so as to reasonably zui the maximum extent of the use of space.

  Second, practical, decorative as a supplement, now the main requirements of the five-star hotel furniture is practical, functionality should be paid attention to, for most of the smaller rooms, fancy, impractical furniture will undoubtedly become a kind of occupancy of the decoration, now the five-star hotel furniture is very popular, can be adapted to a variety of styles and tones of hotels or indoor environments, if you choose a set of brightly coloured customized five-star hotel furniture, but also can for you! life to add warmth and romance, personalised hotel suite furniture design is very family-oriented, is a set of custom furniture favoured by young people.

  Third, the appearance of the quality requirements of furniture countertops should be flat, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, clear and beautiful texture, guest room furniture is usually used particle board, medium density fibreboard, blockboard, laminate, etc., as a substrate, as well as as veneer as a cladding material, wood veneer and three layers of plywood, different substrate and cladding materials have different material properties, do not pay attention to the material properties and the correct use of the method, will often lead to Board warping, the hotel even requires the wood used to make furniture to be fireproof.

  The main points of buying new Chinese furniture:

  1. Style: With the gradual return of traditional culture, new Chinese furniture has a richer soil for survival.

  2. Structure: New Chinese furniture can meet the functional needs of different consumers, although the shape is Chinese, but the armrests of the sofa, chair backrests, seat panels, etc., into the scientific ergonomics design, greatly improving the use of comfort.

  3. Function: Compared with traditional Chinese furniture, the new Chinese furniture is not only improved in comfort, but also in function with the times, some brands also antique mahogany into a complete set of cabinets, fully functional, with a variety of electrical appliances, to meet the needs of fashionable people more.

  4. Material: decide the colour of the furniture, the material also determines the colour of the furniture, because the surface of the new Chinese furniture is usually only coated with varnish, the wood is what colour, what colour to present, if you prefer dark, you can choose a strong colour rosewood, red acid branch, if you like the fresh and light style, you should choose lighter colour of rosewood.

  I will not explain too much, thank you for watching, let us see you next time.


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