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Common types of plates

Solid wood panels are wood panels made of intact wood. These boards are durable and have natural textures. However, because of the high cost of this board, and the high requirements for construction technology. Solid wood boards are generally classified according to the actual name of the board, and there is no same standard specification. At present, in addition to the use of solid wood panels for the floor and door leaves, the panels we generally use are artificial panels.

Do you know the advantages of hotel furniture customization?

Hotel furniture is a hotel engineering project. When designing hotel engineering projects, it is necessary to directly consider the harmony between indoor functions and the environment. In addition, according to different star requirements and standards, different style requirements, hotel furniture generally includes Hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public area hotel furniture, conference hotel furniture, etc.

Hotel room furniture cleaning and maintenance knowledge

Furniture is an indispensable thing in a room, but for hotels (guesthouses), there are many people of all kinds, and room furniture needs to be cleaned and maintained to reduce secondary consumption. The following is You introduce the cleaning skills of various furniture. Large-scale hotels have different levels of guest rooms. Different levels of room furniture are different, and there will be different methods for furniture of different materials.

From large lacquer, tung oil to paint, water-based paint, furniture coatings have all gone through this!

Lacquer (lacquer) has a very long history. Archaeologists discovered a lacquered wooden bowl (sound xiu, refers to lacquered utensils) at the Hemudu site, which has been around for more than 7,000 years.

How to choose hotel furniture

Different hotel furniture has different surface materials. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets should be made of hard wood, which is relatively strong and load-bearing, while other materials can be used for the internal materials; the thickness of the legs of the wardrobe should reach 2.5cm. If it is too thick, it will appear awkward, and it will be easy to bend if it is thin. Deformation; cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom cannot be made of fiberboard, but should be made of plywood, because fiberboard will expand and be damaged when exposed to water; the dining table should be washable.
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