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2023-04-14 14:43

  At present, with the rapid development of the domestic economy, in the rapid improvement of living standards at the same time based on the demand for quality of life, customised furniture has become more and more attention by many people. Most of the high-end hotel furniture is customised production from manufacturers, the reason is that both from the space and personal aesthetics or the overall style of the hotel, customised furniture to a large extent to meet the needs of consumers, but like this type of furniture in the quality of the requirements are extraordinarily high, then in the acceptance of the acceptance of the need to pay attention to what issues?

  Look at the appearance

  To know the high-end hotel furniture in the process of customisation, will certainly take into account the overall design style of the hotel and the preferences of the customer base, so in the specific style and details of the part, will certainly be fully discussed with the manufacturer and communication. Even in the production stage may be overturned before the design of the programme, in short, the process is also complex. Therefore, both manufacturers and hotels, are very concerned about the quality and appearance of furniture, such as in the acceptance process, the hotel will send experienced managers to check the furniture exterior paint film is smooth and smooth and in some inconspicuous details in the processing of the problem, decorative panels, whether there is too large a phenomenon of the colour difference between the phenomenon? And other related details will be checked one by one.

  Look at the process

  First of all, high-end hotel furniture customer groups are with a certain consumption ability of the crowd, and their overall design style of the hotel and the quality of the furniture is also very important. Therefore, in the inspection, you need to check in detail whether the connection points between the furniture parts are reasonable and firm, such as the combination of furniture whether there is obvious loosening phenomenon? Drawer and wardrobe door switch is flexible, there is no noise and other issues, of course, there are glass doors around the treatment of whether the meticulous treatment is not polished neatly.

  Look at the structure

  The overall structure of high-end hotel furniture is scientific and reasonable, is also one of the acceptance criteria. Relevant staff if the hand push, there will be more obvious noise or shaking phenomenon, then it is enough to prove that the structure of the furniture there is the possibility of loosening. Then acceptance is bound to not be passed, in addition to the need to test the verticality of the tables and chairs heel problem whether there is a bumpy imbalance, which will also seriously affect the actual experience of the customer's feelings.

  In short, high-end hotel furniture in the acceptance process need to pay attention to all aspects of the details of the problem, in addition to the need to consider the quality, the choice of paint is also very important. If the use of poor-quality paint in the gloss can not meet the requirements, and even in the late stage will produce a large number of harmful substances, will affect people's health.



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