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2023-04-14 14:43

  With the improvement of people's quality of life requirements and the increasing demand for differentiation and personalisation, customised hotel furniture is increasingly favoured by consumers. However, the success of hotel furniture customisation comes from customisation, and the root of its problems lies in customisation.





     1, the goods are not the same

  In the hotel furniture customisation, pay attention to: in determining the design scheme, more communication with the designer, every detail should be specific, and clear in the form of text. In particular, the size of the furniture, material, after-sales maintenance, delivery period, etc. should be clearly stated in the contract.

  2, design fee

  Because hotel furniture customisation needs to be designed and produced for customers individually, if it involves consumer disputes, it is often more complicated than buying ordinary hotel furniture. Therefore, when signing a formal contract, it is more important to pay attention to the various economic issues listed in writing, so as to avoid accidents that are not clearly explained. In this way, the legitimate rights and interests of both parties can be truly protected through the contract.


  With the Internet becoming more and more developed, consumers just need to place an order on the mobile phone, and someone will come to the door so that they can buy the right furniture at home. However, although the shopping method is convenient, but in the event of consumer disputes, merchants, franchises and other subjects of the complex division of responsibility, consumer rights are still difficult.

  Customised home hotel to more than 30% annual growth rate of rapid development, the cake is big, competition will intensify, more and more companies to join the battle. However, complaints to consumers are uneven in quality, home furnishing, design and production. Consumer voices also reflect the drawbacks of hotel furniture customisation, service and customisation.

  The biggest challenge for customised hotel furniture companies is how to control product quality and delivery time. Consumers choose customised hotel furniture products largely because they are interested in personalised and high-quality products, and if the quality of the products is poor, it will be difficult to meet consumers' expectations. Design, measurement errors and processing accuracy during the consumer process can affect the quality of the product. Moreover, customised products have a much higher error rate and installation complexity compared to standardised products.

  Customisation is not only the way out, but also the trend. How to build a "high-rise" under the trend of customisation depends on whether the hotel furniture enterprises can maximize consumer satisfaction, to solve the development of customization of a variety of "pain points". For buyers, when buying customised hotel furniture, should not be blind. They should carefully enquire and review the contract agreement to avoid unnecessary disputes with the manufacturer. When customising hotel furniture, the contract should be clear and filled out in detail with important terms such as product quality, environmental requirements and delivery period. Consumers may wish to supplement the agreed liability for breach of contract on the basis of the sample contract provided by the businessman to protect their rights and interests.


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