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  There are six elements to the simple criteria for determining the value of custom quality premium wood for hotel furniture.




  1, aroma

  The first feature of hotel furniture custom high-grade wood is its natural special aroma. Such as Indian sandalwood, yellow pear, rosewood, nanmu, etc., if there is no this element, and then the good material can not reach the good. Typical representative is the old mahogany.

  2, wood grain

  High-grade wood must have beautiful wood grain, such as yellow pear, rosewood, old mahogany, red cherry wood, golden nanmu and so on.


  This is an important condition for making customised hotel furniture and handicrafts. The finer the material and the more compact the structure, the better.

  4、Wood colour

  This refers to the natural tone and colour after planing. Rosewood, huanghuali and old mahogany are known for their excellent wood colour.

  Of the two best types of nanmu, Zhennan is preferred over Dianrunnan because it has a brighter, more even wood colour. Although Yunnan Nan has the better material, richer and longer lasting aroma and the most pronounced Nan characteristics, it does not change most people's preference for wood colour.

  5. Oiliness

  Of course, the oilier the wood, the better. The oiliness of wood is an important indicator of material superiority. Hainan Huanghuali according to its oiliness can be divided into chaff pear and avocado, avocado is worth more than twice the value of chaff pear.

  6, wood diameter

  This refers to the specific material diameter, the larger the better. If the specific diameter of a piece of plate is too large, exceeding the upper limit of scientific records, it is a rare treasure.

  Hotel furniture custom made of material wood, as long as it is wood, it will expand in the heat, contract in the cold, expand in the wet, contract in the dry. There are many ways to denature wood, but they can be broadly categorised into three.

  One method is baking: the logs or planks and squares are placed in a barn and steamed. Roasting wood takes a long time. Unlike baking bread, it matures in a few minutes or more. In the early years, the wood was baked for three or five days, or even a week, and slowly smoked over a black fire.

  The second method is blowing: by blowing, as the name suggests, you let the wind blow. Stack the planks and squares neatly. Small strips of wood should be used as spaces between each layer of planks and squares of material to allow for ventilation. There should be a large gap between the chimneys for ventilation. Square timber is usually stored in a cool, ventilated place, protected from sudden sunlight. After natural exposure to wind and rain, wet and dry, wet and dry, the wood becomes less and less available, so the older and less wood there is, the easier it is to make and care for.

  The three methods are soaking: the logs or boards and recipes are placed in water and soaked. Soak for a week, two weeks, or even a month, then pick it up and stack it as it would dry naturally, and use it when it has dried completely naturally. Another old-fashioned method is to dig holes for drainage, add lime or lye, and soak the wood in lime or lye water. In this way, the soaking time can be greatly reduced. After soaking for two or three days, the wood can be fished out and either dried in the sun or taken to a barn.



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