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2023-04-14 14:43

  Before buying hotel furniture card seat sofa, we need to confirm which type of hotel we are operating, and then choose the right card seat sofa according to the decoration and design style of the restaurant. Then what we need to know is the style characteristics and material craftsmanship of the hotel furniture card seat sofa, and then according to the characteristics of the card seat sofa comprehensive consideration.



  There are many kinds of materials for hotel furniture sofa, among which the common ones are cloth, leather, board, solid wood, iron, rattan and so on. Among them, the sofa made of cloth and leather is more comfortable, the sofa made of plate card seat has a strong sense of three-dimensionality, the texture of the sofa made of solid wood card seat looks very classy, the sofa made of iron card seat has a personalised appearance and design, and the sofa made of rattan card seat can give a very natural and comfortable feeling. These are the advantages of several different materials.

  Hotel furniture deck sofas can be divided into Chinese deck sofas, American industrial style deck sofas, Scandinavian style deck sofas and so on according to style. If we run a Chinese restaurant, it will be more suitable to choose the traditional solid wood sofa; if we run a grilled fish shop, we can use the popular industrial style decoration design, then the American iron deck sofa to match; if we run a romantic cafe, then the Scandinavian style sofa can give you the desired effect.

  There is another aspect of hotel furniture that will directly affect the overall effect of the restaurant, that is, how to choose the colour of the sofa. If the decoration style of our restaurant is simple and fashionable, then a light-coloured card sofa is better. If we operate a luxurious and solemn restaurant, such as the dining bar of a high-class hotel club, the choice of dark-coloured deck sofas will be more classy.

  Nowadays, many chain restaurants will look for professional designers to design a rendering before buying deck sofas, which is a very good way for manufacturers to recommend the right model according to the decoration style of the restaurant, or directly refer to the deck sofa style on the rendering for processing and customisation.

  General hotels do not have clear regulations on formaldehyde free amount, but there are requirements for furniture fire prevention. With the permission of the hotel, some parts can use fireproof board, heat-resistant paint, flame-retardant fabrics and so on. High-end hotels even require hotel furniture wood after fire treatment. The above factors need to be considered and applied comprehensively in the actual application. The functional requirements of hotel furniture require modelling details to be exchanged with the reasonable material structure of the hotel furniture manufacturer and the technical arrangement of the factory. When you open the cabinet door, you can smell it with your nose, and your nose is red, stinging and weeping. The formaldehyde content in the adhesive is too high.

  With the continuous progress of catering culture, the design of deck sofa will also be innovative with the market demand. To learn more about Guangdong hotel furniture, five-star hotel furniture, you can follow us.


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