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  Hotel furniture custom commonly used wood drying methods are: steam heating conventional drying, furnace gas heating conventional drying, hot air drying, dehumidification drying, vacuum drying, hot water and high temperature water circulation heating conventional drying. It is necessary to choose the appropriate drying method according to the drying characteristics and requirements of the hotel furniture customised material, as well as the scale and conditions of the enterprise.


  1, steam heating conventional drying

  This is a traditional method of drying wood, the use of saturated steam pressure for P ≤ 0.4MPa, hot air furnace heating drying kiln circulating air drying medium. The advantage is that the process parameters are easy to control, drying quality is generally better; temperature and humidity control range is wide, can dry a variety of materials; can be used for centralised heating, wide range of uses. Disadvantages are the need for steam boilers, high investment costs; steam vaporisation latent heat is mainly used, condensate due to the difficulties in recycling is often not used, resulting in waste and increased costs. Mainly applicable to the production of large-scale enterprises or ready-made steam use, especially suitable for drying hotel furniture custom coniferous wood, soft broadleaf wood or thin boards and other easy to dry wood species.

  2, furnace gas heating conventional drying

  Hotel furniture custom: this is a traditional drying method by burning waste wood directly or indirectly heated wood. There are many ways to dry wood with direct heating of the furnace gas, which will make the wood black, easy to catch on fire

  ①Simple kang type: There are cookers and gas pipes under the kang room, and piles of materials are placed in the kang room, which are dried by the natural circulation of hot and humid air. This is a relatively primitive drying method, which usually damages the wood or causes fire. Not recommended.

  ② Small Oven Dryer Type: This is a small dryer consisting of a wood waste burning stove, stove gas piping and a simple fan, with a metal casing on one side resembling a container for 2-5 cubic metres of wood. The wood burns or catches fire easily, the air circulation is not reasonable and the drying is not uniform. Not recommended.

  ③ Modern indirect furnace gas-heated drying kiln: The kiln is designed with a reasonably arranged furnace gas-heated tube set, and the other configurations are the same as those of a general drying kiln. If designed by experts, the safety and reliability of the kiln is guaranteed. The specialised burners for this type of kiln can be located either outside or inside the kiln. The former is relatively safe, but the cost and heat loss is relatively high.

  3, hot air drying

  Hotel furniture customisation: the hot air furnace for heating is located outside the kiln, connected to the drying kiln through the inlet and return air ducts. Air-drying medium through the return air duct into the furnace outside the kiln heating, and then sent back to the kiln by the fan. This is a traditional double-cycle air drying. The disadvantages of this method are low thermal energy utilisation; high power consumption; uneven temperature and humidity field in the kiln, process parameters are not easy to control, slow and uneven drying speed; return duct, fan easy to corrode; drying kiln capacity is small, the unit output is higher than the cost. Not recommended.


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