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2023-04-14 14:43

Selection of hotel furniture considerations:

1, hotel furniture material is reasonable

Different hotel furniture, surface materials are different. Such as tables, chairs, cabinets legs, require the use of hardwood, relatively strong, can bear the weight, while the internal material can be used for other materials; wardrobe leg thickness requirements to reach 2.5cm, too thick to appear awkward, thin easily bent deformation; kitchen, bathroom cabinets can not be done with fibreboard, and should be used with plywood, because the fibreboard will swell in water, damage; dining table should be resistant to water washing.

Found that the wood has insect eyes, drop foam, indicating that the drying is not complete. After checking the surface, but also open the cabinet door, drawer door to see if there is no decay inside the material, you can use your fingernail to pinch a pinch, pinch in that the material decay. After opening the cabinet door with the nose to smell, if the nose, stinging, tears, that the formaldehyde content in the glue is too high, will be harmful to the human body.

2, wood moisture content not more than 12

Hotel furniture water content shall not exceed 12%, high water content, wood is easy to warp, deformation. General consumers to buy, no test instruments, you can take the method of hand feel, with the hand feel the bottom of the hotel furniture or inside the unpainted place, if you feel damp, then the moisture content of at least 50% or more, simply can not be used. Another way is to sprinkle a little water to the wood is not painted, if the blotting slow or not blotting, that the water content is high.

3, hotel furniture structure is solid

Small pieces of hotel furniture, such as chairs, stools, hangers, etc. in the selection can be dragged on the concrete floor, gently drop a fall, the sound is crisp, indicating that the quality is better; if the sound is mute, there is a splitting noise, suggesting that the mortise and tenon joints are not tight, the structure is not firm. Writing desk, table can be shaken by hand to see if it is stable. Sofa can sit a seat, if you sit on a move on the creaking and wriggling, a shake on the shake, is a nail work, not much time.

Square tables, tables, chairs and other legs should have four triangular card, play a fixed role in the selection of tables and chairs can be turned upside down to take a look at the fabric chairs can be touched by hand.

4, hotel furniture four feet whether flat

This is put on the flat ground a shake will know, some hotel furniture is only three legs to the ground. Take a look at the desktop is straight, not bowed back or collapsed waist. Desktop convex, glass plate will be put on the spin; desktop concave, glass plate put on a pressure on the broken. Pay attention to check the cabinet door, drawer slits can not be too large, to speak across the flat and straight, the door can not be sagging.

5, veneer hotel furniture stitching is not strict

Whether it is paste wood veneer, PVC or paste pre-painted paper, we should pay attention to whether the skin is pasted flat, with or without bulging, blistering, stitching is not strict phenomenon.


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