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2023-04-14 14:43

Furniture is an essential thing in a room, but for the hotel (hotel), there is a lot of foot traffic all kinds of people, guest room furniture is more need to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance, in order to reduce the secondary consumption, the following for you to introduce a variety of furniture cleaning skills. Large hotels on the guest room divided into different levels, different levels of guest room furniture is not the same, for different materials will have different methods of furniture.

1. Leather sofa with egg white to wipe dirty stains. Available in a clean flannel, dipped in some egg white wipe, both to remove stains, but also to make the leather bright as ever.

2. Wooden furniture dipped in milk wipe. Take a clean rag, in the expired undrinkable milk dip, and then use this rag to wipe tables, cabinets and other wooden furniture, stain removal effect is very good. Finally, wipe again with water. Paint over the furniture if stained with dust, available wet gauze wrapped in tea residue wipe, or scrub with cold tea, will be more bright and shiny.

3. Plush sofa with alcohol cleaning. Plush fabric sofa brush can be dipped in a little diluted alcohol brush again, and then blow dry with a hairdryer, such as juice stains, can be used a teaspoon of baking soda and water mixing, and then wipe with a cloth, the stains will subside.

4. Use salt to remove the soup on the carpet. The carpet is often dripping with soup, then never use a wet cloth to wipe, but should first use a clean dry cloth or towel to absorb the moisture, and then sprinkle some salt in the stain, use a hoover to suck away the salt, and then use a brush to level the carpet.

5. Ice can remove chewing gum. Sticky chewing gum on the carpet is not easy to take down, can be packed in a plastic bag of ice, covered in chewing gum, about 30 minutes later, hand pressure on the feeling of hard, with a brush can be brushed down.

6. Wooden furniture spray wax to keep the light clean. Log furniture can be sprayed directly on the surface of the water quality wax, and then wipe dry with a soft dry cloth, the furniture will be clean and bright. If you find that the surface has scratches, can be coated with cod liver oil, to be a day after the wipe with a damp cloth. In addition, with concentrated salt water wipe, can prevent wood decay, extend the life of furniture.


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