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1, solid wood panels

Solid wood panels are wood lumber that is made from whole wood. These panels are strong, durable and have a natural grain. But because of the high cost of this board, and construction technology requirements. Solid wood panels are generally classified in accordance with the substantive name of the panel, without the same scale specifications. At present, in addition to the floor and door will use solid wood panels, generally the panels we use are artificially processed out of man-made panels.




Plywood, also known as fine core boards, multi-layer solid wood panels. By three or more layers of one-millimetre-thick veneer or veneer glued and hot-pressed. Is currently the most commonly used materials for handmade furniture. Generally divided into 3% board, 5% board, 9% board, 12% board, 15% board and 18% board six specifications. Panel, commonly known as veneer. Is a solid wood board precision planing into the thickness of 0.2mm or so thin single thin veneer, plywood as a substrate, made by the gluing process with a single-sided role of the plate. It is a special way of plywood existence, the thickness of 3 centimetres.


3、Density board

Density board, also known as fibreboard. Is based on wood fibre or other plant fibre as raw material, applying urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive made of man-made panels, according to its different density, divided into high density board, medium density board, low density board. Density board because of the soft impact resistance, but also easy to reprocess. In foreign countries, density board is a good material for making home furniture, but because the national scale on the height of the board is several times lower than the international scale, so the quality of density board in our country has to be improved.


4、Particle Board

Particle board, also known as particle board, is the main raw material of wood debris, and then seeped with glue, additives by the pressing of thin panels. According to the pressing method can be divided into extruded particle board, flat pressure particle board two types. The main advantage of such boards is cheap. Its shortcomings are also very significant: very poor strength. Generally not suitable for the production of larger or mechanical requirements of home furniture.


4, Blockboard

Blockboard refers to the production of plywood on the basis of wood slats spliced or hollow board for the core board, covered with two or more layers of plywood, pressed by the glue into a special plywood. The characteristics of joinery are mainly determined by the core board structure. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing, sewing machine table boards, production of carriages, ships, etc. and in the construction industry.


6、Fire-proof board

Fire prevention board is the use of siliceous materials or calcium materials as the main raw material, by decorative paper, kraft paper after containing dip, drying, high temperature and high pressure and other processing steps to produce, made of panels made of vapour-compression technology.


7、Alexa plate

Alec plate is a specially processed plexiglass, it has a "plastic queen" reputation. It has good colour and high transparency. Its advantages are excellent weather resistance, good transparency, good plasticity. The disadvantages are low hardness, poor heat resistance, low elongation, so easy to crack, easy to break, easy to deform, and the colour is not stable, easy to hair phenomenon in the process of use. In addition, it contains substances harmful to the human body.


8, ecological board

Also called double veneer board, paint-free board, melamine board, its full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer man-made board, is a kind of wall covering material. The manufacturing process is to put the paper with different colours or textures into the melamine resin adhesive soaking, and then dry to a certain degree of curing, it will be laid on the surface of particle board, medium density fibreboard, plywood, blockboard, plywood, or other hard fibreboard, the decorative panels made by hot pressing. So the core material is the key to determine the quality of ecological board.



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