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Now the hotel furniture style summary of a wide range of categories, people in the purchase of time, often picking the eye, but in China, the choice of Chinese hotel furniture style hotel or more. We know that the development of Chinese hotel furniture, pure classical furniture has more new forms, ways of use and collocation, the connotation of a new development.



Modern imitation of classical furniture style, the use of traditional furniture materials, incorporating modern elements, emphasising humane, functional, after continuous derivation, development, presented in front of us, in addition to new materials and new "high imitation" furniture, and more innovative works, both rich in modernity, without losing the meaning of the classical, known as the new Chinese-style furniture.




New Chinese hotel furniture has a broader connotation, including both Chinese classical furniture and new Chinese furniture. Chinese classical furniture refers to the production in the Ming and Qing dynasties, and even earlier times, through the years, the survival of the old Chinese villa furniture. Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture is the most mature and prosperous in the history of China's furniture development, with a variety of modelling and a larger number of surviving, so now the market for ancient furniture is dominated by Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture. A set of material beauty, elegant modelling, structural sophistication, craftsmanship in one of the old furniture, has a deep humanistic connotation and timeless artistic vitality, so that people get the artistic cultivation and enjoyment of beauty, at the same time, because of its unique historical and cultural value, has a lot of room for appreciation, which often in some villa furniture, hotel furniture purchase to see their figure.


Modern hotel furniture belongs to neoclassicism, is the perfect combination of classical and modern, neoclassical design style is in fact improved classical style. On the one hand, it retains the general style of materials and colours, and can still strongly feel the historical traces and rich cultural heritage, while at the same time abandoning the overly complex texture and decorations, and simplifying the lines. Its essence comes from classicism. It retains the tradition, but also focuses on the practicality of the furniture and improves the comfort of the furniture. According to the different styles, neoclassicism is divided into two types: Chinese neoclassical and European neoclassical.




Chinese classical furniture style is the art style of Chinese classical hotel furniture represented by the palace furniture, imposing, magnificent, magnificent, carved, magnificent and strange. Chinese classical furniture fusion of solemnity and elegance of the dual temperament, reflecting the simplicity of the Chinese style, Chinese style is expressed in the mood it creates, soothing mood is always the unique sentiment, the achievement of a poetic life, let the story of the millennium flow along the fingers. Chinese style is not the full meaning of the retro Ming and Qing Dynasty, but through the characteristics of Chinese style, to express the elegant and subtle, dignified and rich in the pursuit of the spiritual realm of the Eastern style.



Chinese classical furniture usually need to have certain design points. The composition of Chinese style is mainly reflected in the traditional furniture, mostly Ming and Qing dynasty furniture mainly on the elegant style, simple and beautiful shape, strong and mature colours. Chinese traditional indoor furnishings, including hanging screens, screens, Pokou racks, etc., the pursuit of a cultivation of the living realm. The upright and steady, but in the decorative details advocate natural interest, flowers, birds, fish and insects, etc. Carved, rich in change, fully embodies the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics. I hope it can help you Oh.


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